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Hello from Russia!

I am Oleg, and I live in Russia, in the city of 250,000 located 823 Km East of Moscow.

I sell cameras and accessories and I also repair them.

See details about my repair service in Repair section!

I am also a collector of Russian cameras with more than 130 items in my current collection (please check back soon for my gallery to be added here!).

You may also know about my sales and repair service from BestStuff Russiancamera forum

Below find some comments about my work from satisfied customers:


Just got back the Leningrad I sent to Oleg. He fixed the slow shutter speeds and the self-timer and installed new shutter curtains (red ones that I supplied). Now everything works perfectly. Beautiful job!!!! Now if we could figure a way to reduce shipping costs.....


Just brought some repair parts and an old used Zarya from Oleg recently. I would have to say that I am extremely pleased with my recent purchase. Not being just friendly and helpful, Oleg is very prompt in answering emails and shipment. The Zarya I brought from him has the smoothness of a camera even match that of an old Leica (saved for the shutter design).
Oleg inspect his equipment to make sure they are working before putting them for sale. This is something I find very unusual but great. I will continue to buy with Oleg without any hesitation. Hope you folks will find the same pleasant experiences I have with Oleg.


The camera arrived Saturday and I am very pleased with the rangefinder repair.It is clear and distinct and very easy to use.Thank you very much.




Camera received today. Many thanks for doing a fine job on a favorite camera.


I just received a packaged secured with yak string from Oleg. Enclosed was my Zorki 4k and Jupiter 9 which I had sent him for CLA and replacement of shutters. This was my first experience with this gentleman and I must tell you that his work is exemplary. I never knew a J9 could be so smooth, both the diaphragm and the focus ring are as smooth as butter. The Z4k even sounds better, if that is possible! I am very pleased with Oleg and highly recommend him for all your FSU repairs.


Hello Oleg!..

Just to let you know that my Fed 2 camera arrived safely this morning!!

Thank you very much for the excellent work you have done for me..

will recommend you to anyone ...your service is very professional and a quick too!..

From England to Russia and back ..serviced and repaired in less than a month!!!


Many thanks once again Oleg!

Best wishes


..please feel free Oleg to use my comments on your website ok?

Just got my Zorki 3M back from Oleg.
He did a wonderful job! Looks great and works smoothly.
I bought a KIEV 4AM from Oleg that arrived in the same
shipment (2 weeks to the day, and package in perfect shape).
I swear, you would think it was a new camera. Great stuff!
Like others on the list who have used Oleg's services,
I recommend him highly. Check his site if you're looking
to add ready to use cameras to your FSU collection.



The Canon and Kiev you fixed for me just arrived, plus the gift you sent. I can not say "thank you" enough! The Canon is so smooth, the advance is fantastic.

The slow speeds purr like a kitten.

Thanks again!


For few month I have had a very nice Zorki 3, but curtains like tea strainer ! I could have had him fitted with new curtains here in Odessa but the two old men in the camera service centre are still fixing some from months before and although really nicest people they drink too much tea to be able to do much work !
So I sent it to Oleg, and yesterday it arrived back in Odessa, new curtains fitted and working as good as the day it was made,,,,No,,,not really , i think it is working BETTER than day it was made ! so smooth and precise ! it really feels like a very different camera !
So special thanks to Oleg for best service it is possible to find !


I'm running a roll of film through the Zorki 3M received from Oleg after he fixed the advance brake and the rangefinder. The image snaps into focus and I swear the advance (with film in the camera) is as smooth and my Canon II S2.


Hello Comrades,Well I just got back 3 FSU cameras from Oleg. He did a masterful job fixing a FED 10 with goofy focus, broken frame counter and actually replaced some leatherette on the face of the camera without me asking him to do so. Also CLA'ed and replaced shutter curtains on a FED 1 camera (I am too short on time to try this myself using Comrade Jay's excellent website....besides Oleg is a pro.....the FED 1 is like brand new now!). And he also resurrected a Kiev 4 which was in great shape from some seller in Cleveland, Ohio (estate sale).....except the shutter was not functional......again after Oleg's magic....it is like new! So, Oleg has another happy customer....3 times over! As others, I highly recommend Oleg......professional, responsive, and very, very reasonable. It is difficult to find any one in the USA to work on FSU cameras....in my neck of the woods (Chicago). I think most of the US based FSU camera repairmen are on the east or west coast and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants to US......but as the cost of living is so much higher here....they must charge more (which I understand!). It is a nice feeling to have 3 "new" cameras....good as new.....maybe better than new from the factory!



I just received my red logo/vulcanite Zorki 5 today after a repair job by Oleg. The camera works fine now! This is camera I got from "camera-ua" (his current username). The camera was described as "all works well"......well, it didn't! Initially, the 2 lowest speeds would hang up. After firing the shutter a number of times to try to loosen it up, one of the curtains just let go! Anyway, Oleg did a fine job with a FAST (1 or 2 days) turnaround. Cost? $9.00. Now if we could only get a great deal from the Post office on shipping! Thank you Oleg!


Following up on a message which I posted some time ago, I sent Oleg a couple of Kiev 4AM's which had malfunctioning shutters (wouldn't always fire, hung open when winding the film) for repair.
Oleg repaired these in about a week and they arrived here today (the round trip was about four weeks), both working fine. My cost was $10 per camera, plus shipping of course; without the lenses and cases, two cameras can travel either way for about $15.
I plan to send several other cameras to Oleg very soon.
Thank you Oleg and I'm certainly pleased with the service.

The second batch of cameras that I'd sent to Oleg for repair arrived back home today. I've been really pleased with the work that Oleg has done for me.
After Oleg has completed the CLA on my Zorki's and Kievs, they feel like they must have when the cameras were new - smoother in operation and quieter than the condition in which they generally arrive when purchased from even reliable vendors. After all, these are second hand goods when we first get them and they probably haven't been service in quite some time.
Oleg was generous enough to replace, at the cost of the repair, a Zorki that had been pilferred from the package en route to him. Thank you again Oleg.


Got my Zorki 1B back from Oleg in the same shipment as Doug's. He installed new shutter curtains and apparently did a CLA, too. The film advance is a smooth as the proverbial butter. The Russian Camera Collectors should import him to the states.


Hello all,
I just received back two repairs I sent to Oleg. To say I am pleased with his work would be an understatement. Oleg is the second overseas repair person I have dealt with. The first guy was a hack at best. Oleg, on the other hand, is CLEARLY an expert....a "hand master" for sure.
FED2: This was sent in for a curtain replacement. Yeah, yeah, I know - I should have done it myself, but I was chicken. The fixed camera is perfect. Absolutely perfect. The shutter appears well timed, the curtains look factory original, and the advance is much smoother than when I sent it in (Oleg must have relubricated the advance too).
FED4: Advance slipping. This was due to a gear that failed (also causing the shutter release interlock to fail), but was so far inside that I didn't want to try to repair it. What I got back is also perfect. The advance is snappy and the interlock works perfectly.
At the risk of burying Oleg in work, I can't say enough good things about the speed and quality of his repair service.
Thank you!


And another. I have not used his repair services, being a "retired"
repairman myself, however I've purchased from him and can attest to him
being an *extremely* ethical businessman and an absolute delight to work
with. I'll be buying more from him in the future
It's really fantastic to make person-to-person connections with top quality
dealers on the other side of the world! Some day we'll all be rich, and
we'll have a big BBQ and swap tales...


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Last updated: August 07, 2003