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We specialize in the repair and reconditioning of 35MM Soviet/Russian cameras. Classic Leicas and other Leica replicas can be repaired too

Sorry, we do not offer repairs for Kiev-6c, Kiev-60, Salyut, Kiev-88 and other MF cameras from ARSENAL factory
If your MF camera need repairing please visit
Gevorg Vartanyan site for excellent repair service!

I stopped works on cameras, listed below:
Iskra, Iskra-2, Leningrad, Droug, Kiev-10, Kiev-15, Kiev-5, Kiev-17, Kiev-19, Almaz, FED-10, FED-11.

Also I do not repair body of folder cameras.

No works on lenses, except lenses arrived along camera.


Russian FED/Zorki repair usually costs $ 88 (All parts included). Sophisticated camera repair may be more costly. See table below:

Zorki-1, Zorki-C, Zorki-2, Zorki-2C, Zorki-5, Zorki-6, FED-NKVD, FED-1, FED-2

Zorki-3C, Zorki-3M, Zorki-4, FED-3, FED-4, FED-5 88
Leica II, III and any LTM Leica replicas 118
Leica M2, M3, Canon P,VI, 7,  and some other cameras 149
Kiev-2, -3, -4 99
Contax II, III 128
Contax IIa, IIIa 149
Zenit, Zenit-C, Zenit-3, Zenit-3M, Zenit-E and other mechanical E- , B- series and TTL,12 88
Moskva, -2,-3,-4,-5 (shutter and RF, not a folding mechanism) 90

Usually the repair takes a week or so, the US-to-Russia delivery may be about 3 weeks, shipping back being a rather faster though.

Secure packaging and trackable airmail back shipping will cost $22 for a package to 1 kg, or $33 - to 2 kg.

I can offer insurance for parcels. It cost 10% of price of items and delivery

Simply e-mail your questions for your restoration at


We will send you our shipping address

(both in English and a Cyrillic jpg) by return e-mail.

Tips: do not declare value of parcel more than $100!
Wrapping your package in paper and securing with string deters pilfering and makes for a safer delivery.

About Me and read some feedback comments on my repair quality.

You always pay after repair, I accept payments to the US address too. If your camera in unrepairable shape - I'll return it to you at no charge.