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Main transpert wheel
For Zorki ..
Meter window
For Zenit-E -ET ..
Mirror for Zenit ..
Mirror for Zenit-19
Brand new mirror for Zenit-19 ..
Part for slow speeds delayer
For Zorki and other delayerd. It's a balancing part of delayer. ..
Part of shutter unit
for Zenit ..
Part of speeds selector
For Zenit with non-rotating head ..
Zenit photoresistor ..
Pressure plate
Zenit and Zorki pressure plate ..
Prizm for Zenit
Brand new prizm for Zenit -E, -ET, -EM, - B, -BM, -10, -11, -12, -TTL ..
Prizm for Zenit-19
Brand new prizm for Zenit-19 with beamsplit mirror. ..
Resistor unit
Zenit Resistor unit under film speed selector ..
Resistors unit #2
Zenit resistors unit under film sppeds selector. Type 2 ..
Round spring
This spring located under winding knob and over counter dial For Zorki ..
Selenium cell
Brand new selenium cell. Fits into Zenits and Kiev-4. Also fits into Kiev-3 and Contax. It's some..
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