Repair service

Repair service
Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service Repair service
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This form is not for ordering repair service
 This is for information only

For discussing repair and getting info please contact me  using contact form 

We specialize in the repair and reconditioning of 35MM Soviet/Russian cameras.

Classic Leicas and Contaxes and other Leica replicas can be repaired too

Sorry, we do not offer repairs for Kiev-6c, Kiev-60, Salyut, Kiev-88 and other MF cameras from ARSENAL factory

No works on lenses, except lenses arrived along camera.

Here is the prices for full CLA by groups depend on camera complexity


Group 1.   CLA price 90 euro

Any FED camera (except FED-10, -11)
Any Zorki camera (except Zorki-3, Zorki-10, -11, -12)
Any Zenit mechanical camera (except Zenit-4,-5,-6, -7, -16)


Group 2.   CLA price 110 euro

Any Kiev RF camera (except Kiev-5)
FED-10, FED-11, Zorki-10, -11,-12



Group 3.   CLA price 120 euro

Any Leica LTM RF camera and Leica replicas (Nicca, Tower, Shanghai etc.)
Moskva-2, -4,-5 (and other foldable cameras with central shutter)
Any Horizont 



Group 4.   CLA price 140 euro

Contax II, Contax III, 
Iskra, Iskra-2
Leningrad, Droug
Kiev-10, Kiev-15
Different SLR cameras with cloth focal plane shutter (Topcon, Pentacon, Contax, Praktica, Exacta)



Group 5.   CLA price 150 euro

Contax IIa, IIIa
Zenit-7, Zenit-16
Leica M2, Leica M3, Canon P, VI, 7



Group 6.   CLA price 200 euro

Sport, Contax I


Group 7.   CLA price 260 euro

Ernemann Ermanox


Servicing of lens along camera cost 15 euro for soviet made lenses or 45 euro for German/Japan lenses

Reapairing built-in meter cost 15 euro (without price of new cell)
New selenium cell cost 12 euro (available not for any camera)


Usually the repair takes a week or so, the US-to-Russia delivery may be about 3 weeks, shipping back being a rather faster though.

Secure packaging and trackable airmail back shipping will cost 22 euro for a package to 1 kg, or 33 euro - to 2 kg.

I can offer insurance for parcels. It cost 10% of price of items and delivery

Simply e-mail your questions for your restoration at

or contact us using contact form

We will send you our shipping address by return e-mail.

Tips: do not declare value of parcel more than 100 euros!
Wrapping your package in paper and securing with packing tape deters pilfering and makes for a safer delivery.

You always pay after repair, If your camera in unrepairable shape - I'll return it to you at no charge.

How to order repairing? How to get address for sending?

You may contact using Contact Us form (see link at bottom of page)


How it work? Here 7 simple steps.

1. You contact me using Contact form 

2. I email you an address for sending camera.

3. You send a parcel to my address in Russia

4. I receive a parcel and do repair (within 7-12 days usually)

5. You pay for repair and sending back. Paypal is preferrable.

6. I send parcel to your address.

7. You receive parcel with your restored camera.


What about turnaround time for repair? It may be different. Most time takes a postal delivery. One way delivery is 15-20 days normally. (Due to Covid it may be longer). I send parcels with tracking possible. Please, use trackable sending too.

But I do work within one-two week or so.

Some explanation about repair cost. As you can see prices are fixed. It mean you pay fixed price, and total for repair never exceed this price. It mean you will never get bad surprice like "ahh, camera is very bad inside and I need more money for my hard work". If camera had a hidden problem - it's my problem now. You pay fixed price for getting working camera back.

There is only one exception - if your camera have a missing exterior parts. Putting new parts for FSU cameras cost nothing, but some exterior parts for Contaxes and Leicas may cost additional money. Anyway, exterior parts are easy to see! You will see for what you pay. 


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All cameras on my site are pre-owned if not stated other in description.

I sell completely working cameras if not stated other in description.

I do a full CLA for any camera I sell.

If listed camera not CLAed yet, it mean I'll do CLA before sending to customer. CLA may need up to one week (2-3 days usually)

So, you'll receive CLAed camera anyway. 

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