Dear friends, I temporarily suspend accepting repair orders form outside EU since May, 1 till August, 31
also processing of all repair orders will be some slower. This is due to moving to my new house in Svaty Jur. I need some time for the working in the house, for some accommodation and also for dismounting and mounting again in the house my working place, so possible pause in my work in June and July. If you want to send camera for the service please ask me for the correct address. Till end of May it will be same as previous (Bratislava, 82104), but after it will be Svaty Jur, 90021.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Dear friends, this is the info about cameras repaired in July - December of 2023.
Some cameras got the new curtains made using Japan-made curtains material. I have 3 kinds of material and one was show the problem. Problem is the lost adhesion to the rubber-based glue I used for a long time. Looks like the rubber on the silk material is not exact rubber, but something else.

I do not know exactly in which cameras I used that material. But if your camera stop working suddenly or you can see partially detached curtain  - do not worry please. I'll fix your camera again as a warranty repair. Sorry for this issue!