Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All items for sell on my site is pre-owned items if not stated other. All items are completely working if not stated other.

All items restored and serviced before sending to customer if not stated other.

If item stated as "not serviced' it mean it will get service before sending to customer.

Anyway customer gets item fully working and after service procedure.

All spare parts for cameras are brand new (if not stated other)

All payments are using online payment by card (provided by Stripe)  or Bank Transfer (EURO, USD, AUD, GBP payments) or other payment service,

Working on your order have a steps, you'll get notification about every step.

You made an order - I'll get email with note that your order is processing. (or pending if you used not immediate payment)

The processing means that your camera is in prepare for sending and packing. If camera was not serviced, it get service right now. You always receive CLAed camera.

After preparing camera and packing you'll receive email with processed status.

The next step is a sending. You'll receive next email after sending camera.

Usually I left parcels at postoffice and takes postal receipts at next visit to postoffice.

So, one or two days later you'll receive email with complete status and tracking number. All my parcels sent with tracking.